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Mimaki is proud to offer a range of vinyl cutter plotters that can meet a wide range of application needs. Each is capable of large format printing and high precision thanks to features like continuous crop mark detection and Mimaki’s proprietary half cut function. Combining high performance and easier handling, each precision cutter can create printed labels, graphics, signage, clothing, and stickers.

Here is an overview of each vinyl cutting machine we offer; each series features three highly functional models.

In addition to three selectable job speeds, each large vinyl cutter we offer can be loaded from the front or back and works with our roll-to-roll printers. Our Mimaki vinyl cutters have FineCut9 software included (the CG-SRIII Series includes SimpleCut software as well).


Type  Roll-based cutting plotter


Maximum Media Width CG-130FXII Plus: 62″ (1580 mm)

Cutting Width CG-130FXII Plus: 51.2″ (1300 mm)

Maximum media thickness  Recommended sheets up to 0.01″ (.25mm) including laminate

and liner; Up to 0.04″ (1mm) max (results may vary)

Maximum Cut Speed CG-FXII Plus Series: 39.3″ (1000 mm) per second

Moving speed second CG-FXII Plus Series: 55″ (1400 mm) per second

Maximum Cut pressure (Metric grams) 500g

Adjustable speed range CG-FXII Plus Series:

1-10cm/s: 1cm/s step adjustment (0.39 in-3.94 in/s: 0.39 in step adjustment)

10-50cm/s: 5cm/s step adjustment (3.94 in-19.68 in/s: 2 in step adjustment)

50-100cm/s: 10cm/s step adjustment (19.68 in-39.37 in: 3.94 in step adjustment)

Cutter Types Eccentric cutter, Blade for small character, Blade for


sheet, Blade for fluorescent sheet, Blade for PVC with low-

pressure, Ball point pen.

Mechanical resolution CG-FXII Plus Series: 5 μm (0.0002 in)

Program steps CG-FXII Plus Series: 25 μm or 10 μm (MGL-IIc) or 0.0004 in

Repeatability CG-FXII Plus Series: +/- 0.2 mm

Downforce pressure  CG-FXII Plus Series:

Cutter: 10-20g (2g step), 20-100g (5g step), 100-500g (10g


Pouncing: 10-20g (2g step), 20-100g (5g step), 100-500g

(10g step)

Pen: 10-20g (2g step), 20-100g (5g step), 100-150g (10g


Command CG-FXII Plus Series: MGL-IIc

Interface USB2.0, RS-232C, Ethernet

Receive buffer CG-FXII Plus Series: 30MB standard, 20MB when sorting

Power supply CG-130FXII: Single-phase (AC 100–120V / AC 220–240V)

Power consumption 145 VA or less

Operational Environment Operational Temperature 41° – 95° F

Operational Humidity: 35–75 % RH (Non condensing)

Dimensions (W × D × H) CG-130FXII Plus: 71.8″ x 27.5″ x 47.9″ (182.4 x 69.9 x 121.7 cm)

Weight CG-130FXII Plus: 137 lbs. (62 kg)



ModelCGFXII-130 Plus
Stock NumberCGFXII-130 Plus